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17 Amazing Bacon Recipes!

Don’t ask why. You already know why. You were scrolling down your news feed, and you saw a link containing 17 Bacon recipes. That is why you are here. And I am here to deliver.

Let me start by saying this. Everyone loves bacon. There is no reason why you should not like bacon.If you don’t like bacon, you should  leave immediately. I think most of us will agree, bacon tastes swell on just about everything under the sun. From sandwiches to ice cream, and seafood to pancakes. Bacon is literally the cherry on top.

Bacon also has nutritional benefits. (NO WAY!, Did he just say…) Yes. It is true. Bacon is high in protein, low in carbs, and helps to promote leaner, stronger muscle. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids (without the mercury you get from fish) which helps to protect against heart disease, lowers cholesterol, and reduces inflammation while improving circulation. Bacon is also loaded with a nutrient called “Choline”, which has been shown through university studies to help improve intelligence and memory, and help combat the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, bacon contains less total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol than many cuts of chicken and beef. (Those are good too though) Just don’t make all 17 recipes at once. That might not be so good.

Now that we have validated the existence of this seemingly absurd blog, it is time to expand our beliefs on perhaps one of the greatest gifts known to taste buds throughout the world. Bacon.

None of these are in any particular order, as they are all created equal. Please click the links to view recipe in full.

WARNING: There is more than just bacon in these recipes. Bacon may lose it’s nutritional benefit when used in one or all of these recipes.

Number #1Bacon Browniesbacon-brownies 

An instant classic. Perfect for any occasion, and sparks conversations amongst guests.These brownies demonstrate a very enticing balance of salty with sweet… Why would you not try one? Full Recipe

Number #2- Woven Bacon Taco ShellsScreen-Shot-2013-09-24-at-3.45.43-PM 

Boom. This should appeal to just about everyone in America. Let’s face it, we all like tacos, and we all like tacos with bacon shells. Can be slightly time consuming to prepare, but perfect for special occasions and will thoroughly impress even the toughest of critics. Full Recipe


Number #3- Bacon-Wrapped Sushi

bacon-sushi-uploadWe have only reached the 3rd recipe in this journey and have already crossed some lines. I’ve got to admit this one looks pretty extreme. However when we break it down to it’s basic ingredients, we are left with fish, rice, and bacon. I don’t care how you decide to personalize it, this is a winning combination.      Full Recipe

Number #4- Maple Bacon Cookie Dough Truffles


Mmmm…back to the sweet stuff. What is it about bacon and chocolate? I’ve had this combination many times before and am always left feeling satisfied. The possibilities are endless…Full Recipe

Number #5- Bacon Jam

bacon-jam Wow. I’ve never even considered this one. Now that I think about it…apples, graham crackers, pancakes, waffles, toast, ice cream…oops, have I gone to far? Just roll with it…Full Recipe

Number #6- Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Candy with Sea Salt


 Wha-wha-what! This one needs no introduction. This is exclusively exclusive, and should only be consumed in moderation to reduce the risk of user dependency. Enjoy at your own risk! Full Recipe 

Number #7- Bacon Rice Crispy Treats


A childhood favorite just got a bit sweeter. Parents, you know deep down that you wish you had this when you were a child. That being said, let’s let our children enjoy this for decades to come. Only on occasion of course. Full Recipe

Number #8- Apple Pie Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich



Full Recipe

Number #9- Maple Butter Cream Cupcakes with Bacon Sprinkles


You had me at Maple Butter Cream Cupcakes. Now I hear bacon sprinkles. I’m in. Full Recipe

Number #10- Chocolate Almond Bacon Clusters


These should be called “Awesome clusters of sweet bacon goodness”! Bacon is about the only acceptable additive to enhance this already delicious treat. On a more serious note, these seem eerily familiar. Have we met before? Full Recipe

Number #11- Bacon Cocktail Weenies


I find these little guys to be very lovable and appropriate. A little pork on pork action is sure to get the party going! If your not into that they do make beef weenies…just sayin. Full Recipes

Number #12-English Muffins with Bacon-Butter


Throws a twist in the tradition bacon and eggs based breakfast, and still holds true to the original ingredients. Nothing fancy here, just plain awesome. Full Recipe

Number #13- Bacon Explosion! 

bzZtYJ Whoah! That’ aggressive! This one is meant for everyone to share! Too much of a good thing will kill ya… Call it, death by bacon! Full Recipe

Number #14-Bacon Ranch Dip


Most of us have had some variation of this delightful dip. No matter the form, it is always pleasing and offers a more casual approach to enjoying bacon. Whether using as a dip for fresh vegetables, or as a sauce to compliment a nice cold cut sandwich, it surely will not disappoint. Full Recipe

Number #15-Bacon Wrapped Smoked Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breast


Wow. That’s a mouthful, literally. This is the stuff dreams are made of folks. Enjoy! Full Recipe

Number #16- Sourdough Bacon Muffins


Biscuits and gravy anyone? Another simple and delicious way to implement more bacon into your breakfast. Sunday morning favorite? Full Recipe

 Number #17- Peanut-Butter Bacon Sandwich

TZtVJvWhat!? No jelly? Psshhh this ones a rip off… Full Recipe

Well you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and find it to be of use in your kitchen in the near future. Remember to enjoy in moderation, as some of these are a little over the top…and thats why we love em right! As always please feel free to leave a comment below. Although I spend alot of time enjoying bacon, I do sell real estate too. So if you know someone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, I would love to earn their (or your) business. Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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