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2020 Design Trends

As we welcome in the new decade, interior designers are expecting 2020 to change things in a BIG way. Much like the roaring ’20s of old, 2020 is expected to usher in big, bold designs. However, unlike the ’20s of the past millennia, bright gold and fringe will not be on the menu.  Instead, expect to see warm, natural designs that mix old and new, light and dark, shiny and matte all flowing seamlessly throughout a space.

Monochromatic Gray OUT! 

Of course, it only took me five years to get my living room perfect … just in time for gray to be O-U-T.  In fact, expect to see all cool tones be replaced by warm, nature-inspired color palette


It’s not just the colors that will be nature-inspired, real estate plants are IN.  Indoor, outdoor, flowers, or shrubs, it doesn’t seem to matter at all. Embracing nature and putting it everywhere is going to be a key trend


Saturated Colors

Don’t think 2020 ushers in a boring design decade.  Just because natural tones are in doesn’t mean that we won’t see BOLD colors. Expect monochromatic looks to start occurring in colors like cobalt blue, kelly green, and even aubergine (a.k.a. eggplant)

Cold Design is Gone

It’s not just the color gray that is out this season, it’s the material too.  Industrial style design will take a backseat to nature and travel-inspired design.  Hard lines are out as well.  1980’s inspired furniture will see a comeback as curved and rounded furniture replace modern pieces.

No more perfection!

Sets are out, accent walls are out, clean lines are OUT!  As the new generation demands eco-friendly options, look for a renewed interest in antiques and furniture built to last.

Multi-functional furniture will also take over in a BIG way as tiny homes and smaller spaces gain popularity.

As we move towards a more eclectic style design era, anything and everything goes … so long as it isn’t boring 😉


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