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5 Things to do in Sacramento on a Rainy Day

As we battle through days of never ending rain, we start to wonder how we can chase away the winter blues. I mean, you can only binge watch your favorite show for so long, and consume so many grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. So what indoor activities are there in Sacramento that can help you get your groove back? Well I compiled a list of a few indoor winter adventures to help you forget those mundane rainy days:

1. Go Museum hopping: Amazingly enough we have a plethora of great indoor museums in the Sacramento area. There is nothing better for the mind then taking in some history, artwork, and knowledge that will have you forgetting about the rain that pours outside. Some of the best museums include the California State Railroad Museum, The Crocker Art Museum and the California State Capitol itself. For kiddos, try the Sacramento Children’s Museum!

2. Go see a Show: Now we have all went to a movie when it rains, but thats not what I am talking about here. I’m talking about going to see a play or show in one of the many venues we have all over Sacramento. This can either be a comedy show at either Punchline or Laughs Unlimited, or taking in a play or musical at one of the many theaters including the B St. Theatre, and 24th St. Theater. If mystery and intrigue is what you seek, then try The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show, as you get dinner with a show, two things for the price of one!

3. Go Get Physical: One of those things we do during the rainy season is become couch bums and put on those holiday pounds. Well how do we counter that other then going to the gym and running on a treadmill. Well there are lots of options to stimulate you physically while exciting you as well. The options include Top Golf, I FLY the indoor skydiving venue, or getting your bounce on at one of the two indoor trampoline venues, Sky Zone Trampoline in Rocklin, or Sky High sports in Rancho Cordova. Obviously there is lots of options, but whatever you do decide to do on a rainy day make sure you do it in groups, as all these are more fun with family and friends.

4. Go Escape a Room: Have you ever wanted to get out of a room you just didn’t feel comfortable in? Well here is your chance to team up with friends and family and try to escape a room for fun. With such escape rooms as the Golden Puzzle Rooms, and Escape Sacramento, you now have the chance to solve multiple puzzles and put your mind to the test to escape a room. You have one hour to solve the case and get you and your team out of the room. Trust me I have done this multiple times and it gets funner every time with different scenarios and different rooms to test your ability. This is a great idea when it rains because you will quickly forget about the rain outside and focus on the problem at hand.

5. Go Take a class: I’m not talking about your dreaded biology 101 class, no tests or oral presentations, just learning new skills and having fun at the same time. You can take photography classes from Mckay photography, or learn how to cook from Good Eats or Paulette. If painting is your thing, you can have a glass of wine and paint a canvas with the Painted cork or pottery at Color Me Mine. Classes can be fun again, you just have to find one that stimulates all your interests.

So in the end, it looks like there are many activities for rainy days in Sacramento. So enjoy your next rainy day because we need more of the wet stuff to get us out of the drought!
And of course, I always suggest looking for houses on your day off. Rain or shine I can help you Buy, Sell, or invest in your dream home. Feel free to email me anytime with any questions at
Happy winter days to you! Stay warm and dry!

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