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5 Tips That Will Make Your House Sell


Add these 5 things to your “to-do” list before putting your house on the market: 

When thinking about selling your house, there are plenty of “must do” items that start running through your mind. So where’s the best place to start? There are some easy steps you can take to prepare your home “for show” and set yourself up for making a successful sale.

As we run our daily lives, our homes become personalized and tailored to meet our needs. But when it’s time to sell, the best strategy is to simplify, streamline, and depersonalize your home as best as possible. Over time you have turned your “house” into a “home” – but to make a sale you should try to turn it back to a more basic house that other people can view simply and more easily imagine their own style  customization. .

Rolling up your sleeves and putting in a little sweat equity in preparation for selling your house will help you represent the house in the best way possible. We recommend these 5 steps that will make your house stand out and sell in no time at all:

1. Find Your Papers

Go through those file cabinets and drawers to locate all the pertinent papers that will entice a potential buyer. These include the manuals for your appliances and HVAC systems, information about paint colors you have used in the house, and any warranties that apply to the house. Sharing copies of past utility bills can also be helpful for potential buyers. Letting them know what to expect for water, trash, electrical, and any gas bills will make them feel more informed and comfortable.  Information is key for potential buyers, so the more you can share about the basics, the more confident the future buyer will be about making the purchase.

2. Declutter

Walk into a few open houses and you’ll quickly see a trend – the kitchen counters are almost bare, the rooms are empty of toys or clutter, the coffee table isn’t crowded by yesterday’s newspaper. Decluttering the rooms in your house before potential buyers walk through is very important in order to present your house in the best light.  A good rule of thumb is to get rid of or hide about 30 percent of your belongings in preparation for showing your home.

3. De-personalize

Our homes are an important part of us and where memories and personnel history has been made. So when we sell we need to pack that up and make it look as if it would be perfect place for someone else to make memories and nurture their own family. Try to make it look like a model home that has never been lived in – this  means removing most of your pictures off the walls, and taking down that wallpaper you thought was a good idea 10 years ago. This can be emotionally difficult, the sooner you do it the faster your house will sell and the sooner you can move on to your next home  and start making new memories there.

4. Clean/Detail the Landscaping

Cleaning and detailing your outdoor landscape is sweat equity at its finest, but in the end it will make your house sell faster. The first impression a potential buyer gets is when when they pull up to your  house and see the front yard and the front of the house. So make it a great first impression by showing you have put time and love into your yard and care about what people think of the house. Make the house shine and it will shine in the eyes of the potential buyer. A clean and presentable house equals more money in your pocket.

5. Find the Perfect Agent for You

Your real estate agent needs to be your partner in this process, so make sure you find the perfect agent that understands your lifestyle and choices and knows the in’s and out’s of the local market to help you through this major life change. Every agent is different so take the time to get someone who cares and loves what they do, and who will build a great relationship with you. You want a real estate agent who is passionate and devoted to your success.

Following these tips can help you set the stage for successfully selling your house so you can move on to the next and better home that fits all of your needs and wants.

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