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BBQ season is here!

Warm weather is here and it’s time to break out the grills and get your BBQ on! As it is accustomed to this time of the year, you can already smell the smoked meats when you drive down your street on a weekend afternoon. People have been waiting out the cold winter dreaming of these days. So, what are the best grills and smokers to use, and what are some awesome recipes that will make your friends, family, and neighbors drool over your perfectly prepared BBQ masterpiece. Good questions always deserve a great answer, and I will do my best to answer these and more below.


First, let’s start with the tools of the trade and what you need to grill and smoke the perfect piece of meat, fish, or vegetables. Having the right equipment for the job is so very important in BBQing as it is for every job you do. You wouldn’t go climb a mountain in flip-flops, now would you? So, let’s get started with the best grills and smokers to use.












Traeger: This is the new tool for the everyday man that makes smoking meat as simple as counting to 1,2,3. Traeger’s are a pellet smoker which has an auger that pushes pellets down the cylinder to a fire pit that burns the pellets to produce the temperature you want and need. With just a turn of the dial you can go from smoking to 400 degrees. I personally have one and love it because it takes the guess work out of cooking and lets me focus on other things like beer. Some people will say it is not the way the professionals do it, but I have done it with Charcoal and wood, and this produces some of the best smoked meats because of the subtle smoke flavor that leaves the meat juicy and full of flavor.










Big Green Egg: This is the top of the line and most well-known charcoal smoker and grill. It is made out of Ceramic which produces high quality meats either smoked, grilled, or baked, however you like it. I remember my dad having one of these when I was a child and we Bbq’d all the time. I remember my dad saying he loved that thing and really never wanted anything else. These are a little harder to control the heat as it is charcoal so no thermometer monitoring the heat, but this is what the best of the best barbecue pros love to use as it gives off the best taste.













Electric Smokers: This is where they say the beginners should start at, as this is the easiest to control and you can literally walk away like an oven and just set a timer. The Best rated electric smoker around is the Masterbuilt 20075315 electric smoker with remote control to make smoking even easier. Also, the major plus of these electric smokers is there is no hot or cold spots, so you can use all of the smoker and put a plethora of food to smoke in the unit. Cool thing is, it looks like a fridge so it can easily hide in an outside bar or kitchen.

There are real no bad choices here, it just all depends on your expertise and what you want out of your smoker.


Now, let’s get to what goes on the grills and smokers and talk about some of the best recipes around ranging from Fish, to Pork, to Beef.











Let’s start with Beef Brisket the king of meats for the smoker. The recipe I use is called Texas Style Beef Brisket. This involves a lot of work including injecting the meat with prime brisket juice. Also rubbing it down with a coffee rub and prime rib rub. The fun part of this recipe is the love and time it takes to make some of the best brisket around, so much love that at the end you need to take it off the grill and wrap it in towel and place in a cooler for 2 hours. Again, this is for seasoned smokers but it is worth the time and love. See link below for full recipe.










Fish which if smoked or grilled can really be something your guests will never forget. One of my favorites is salmon directly on the grill in a teriyaki glaze. I have done this before and some of my guests said this is the best fish they ever had. I got this recipe off where you can find all kinds of different great recipes. See link below.













Let’s talk ribs and baby back to be exact. The best recipe I have ever used for this recipe was from the food networks website. The secret with this recipe is the charcoal or wood you use and the rub. Rub is everything in ribs! Patience is also important… let the rub settle in. Be prepared to allow it to rest for a good 24-hours. In the end these ribs are fall of the bone moist and will surely get you the win in any rib cook off you enter in your neighborhood. See recipe website link below.

So, to finalize get yourself the right tools, (I would also suggest a great meat thermometer to make life easy) and time, and you will have everyone knocking at your door to get a taste of your best BBQ in the area. If you need any other recipes or tips feel free to call or email me anytime at the number and email below. Have a great summer and BBQ season everyone.

Patrick Smith



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