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Best School Districts in the Sacramento Area

Best School Districts in the Sacramento Valley

images-19 September makes me think of two things, football and school. Since I should leave football up to the experts, lets take a look at school rankings in the local Sacramento area. What are some of the factors that make a great school? Number one undoubtedly has to be the teachers. Its pretty obvious that a good teacher that loves their job will pass on their infectious love of learning to their students. Other big contributing factors are: age of the school/technology, low crime rate in surrounding area, parent participation and after school curriculum.

When buying a house, the school district is the third most important reason why people buy homes in a certain area, right behind safety and affordability. Even if you don’t have school age children this is an important factor because it great affects a house’s resale value. Lucky for Sacramento, we have five of the top ten school districts in Northern California! Here are three of the best:

1. Folsom-Cordova Unified: Year after year, this district ranks in the top three with some of the best schools in the Sacramento Valley residing in the Folsom City limits. Every school except one has a rating of 8-10 out of 10. This includes some of the most highly sought after elementary schools such as Sandra J. Gallardo, Empire Oaks, and Russell Ranch Elementary. Its evident that teachers and parents work together for their kids to get the best education that will set them up for success as the move onto college. Click here for more info on great schools in this area.


2. Rocklin Unified: Close behind and definitely no slouch on their education system is Rocklin. They as well have all but one school ranking of 8-10 out of 10. With such desired schools as Granite Oaks, Sunset Ranch, and Valley View Elementary, they make sure their children and teachers have all the tools needed to succeed. Reviews have praised their innovative program for new students in which student mentors help transfers assimilate and feel comfortable in their new environment. For more info on the great schools in Rocklin, click here.


3. El Dorado Hills: This area is a little more expensive to live in but man does it pay off in schools. Between the three school districts in the city, Buckeye, El Dorado and Rescue Union every school has a perfect 10/10 score. From Oak Meadow Elementary to Oak Ridge High your son or daughter is sure to get top-notch education in these school districts. From the interaction of the teachers to the extra curricular activities for the children, El Dorado Hills knocks it out of the park. This is one of the big reasons housing prices and resale value is so high in this area. For more info, check out this website on EDH schools.


So with these great options how do you choose a neighborhood? Answer: lots of homework and some legwork, or you can just ask your local real estate expert. At The Rachel Adams Lee Group, we have spent years doing the hard work for you and can answer any of your school and neighborhood questions. If you have any questions or just want to know more about how school rankings affect your home value, feel free to contact me at

As always make it a great day, life is too short not to!

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