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Bold & Beautiful – Tips on adding color to your space

Bold & Beautiful

Tips on Adding COLOR To Your Space

Afraid of using color in your home? Don’t be! Bright colors and fun patterns add energy  and show off your personality. Adding bolder colors to your interior can take your simple home into a one of a kind house with a great atmosphere. Take the Bold & Beautiful challenge and add a little color to your life! How you ask? Its simple just keep reading.

 Yes, I know it more practical to decorate your home with neutral colors. Besides you can’t go wrong with  muted earth tones, right? But the thing is, its 2014 and we ALL could use a little color in our lives. Decorating with bright colors brings your home atmosphere strength, warmth and energy. I don’t know about you but after my exhausting days of balancing my real estate career, my family business, and being a mother and wife I need all of the extra energy I can get. I can only get so much energy supplied to me by Starbucks. Having bright fun colors around my house really does help! It brightens my mood!

If you were to walk into my home, you would notice that I LOVE greys and neutrals with splashes of metallic but you will also notice that I have a punch of color here and there My style is very Restoration Hardware meets Pottery Barn meets Bo-ho but I add splashes of color to liven the room. For example, my living room is very neutral. I have a neutral couch, black espresso ottoman, rustic wood shelves, a few metallic pillows paired with burlap pillows, and Ivory curtains. I added color by painting my entertainment console a beautiful shade of vintage pale blue. If you look at my kitchen, again, very rustic and neutral but I added my splash of color using Red bar stools. I top of my décor with white ceramic vases filled with bright fresh flowers.

Colors say a lot about your personality. Are you a bright yellow kind of person, or a deep purple? Do you feel the best in a subdued blue, or in flashy, hot pink? Picking the right colors for your home is just as important as picking colors for your clothing, and it is the key to setting the kind of atmosphere you want your home to have. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a rustic glam interior but I also can’t get enough of bold patterns like black and white stripes. What’s your favorite pattern? What’s your favorite color? Selecting a color and pattern is solely based off of your personality and taste. Let your house express who YOU are!

Pick your favorite color, head to your local hardware store, grab a gallon of paint, and get to painting!

Keep in mind, you don’t HAVE to paint an entire room hot pink…you can settle for an accent wall, a piece of furniture, or even a chandelier There are a ton of different ways to add color into your home without going crazy. If you’re afraid of using color maybe start small by adding a pair of bright bar stools or a painted piece of furniture. Then once you’re hooked on the color drug move onto bigger items like walls and doors.  Check out these examples of what a little bit of paint can do!


Wouldn’t you want to see one of these beautiful doors every time you came home? This is a simple and inexpensive project. First impressions are the most important. Nothing says WELCOME to my home better than a bold and beautiful front door!



If you don’t think you’re ready to commit to painting an entire room any color other than a neutral try painting or adding wall paper to one smaller accent wall.

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You can keep your kitchen & dining room clean and simple and add a pop of color using bar stools or colored dining chairs.

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You don’t have to paint any walls in your house to have color. Consider painting your nightstand, desk, dresser, or maybe your media console.

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Make an impact by painting your chandelier or lamps.

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These were only a few ideas of ways to add color into your home. There are many other ways and I hope you have fun discovering them all. Are you ready to take the Bold and Beautiful challenge? (I knew you would be.) Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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