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Christmas Lights in Placer County

It’s that time of the year and people are asking, “Where are the best Christmas light in Placer County!?” Shorter days and longer nights with crisp, cool weather are perfect for seeing lights with the family. Evenings spent sipping hot-cocoa and snuggling up to classic holiday movies. Tree decorating against the soft background of Christmas jingles. And arguably the most joyful and rewarding activity that walks hand in hand with the season, Christmas light shows! This wondrous time of year arrives and departs in the blink of an eye, but luckily there is still time to catch some of the most breathtaking and locally famous displays of Christmas lights in Placer County.


If you are like me you may feel a sense of wonder and tranquility when gazing at a well orchestrated Christmas light show. I have always enjoyed seeking out new and stunning light displays, so I took a few minutes to put together a list of some of the best available Christmas lights in Placer County and Old Sacramento. Let’s begin our tour!

Rocklin Lights- 2039 Taft Dr. Rocklin

If you live near the Rocklin/Roseville area then Rocklin Lights is a must see! Every year this family comes together to assemble one of the most diverse, humorous, and just plain fun light shows this area has to offer. Locally recognized as one of the top spots, this show is great for the kids and is sure to leave you amazed. It even has its own radio station! You can catch this show at 2039 Taft Dr. in Rocklin between the hours of 6pm-10pm Sunday-Thursday and 6pm to midnight Friday/Saturday. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook Page.

Twinwood Loop-Roseville

Another reputable and and well established display can be found at Twinwood Loop in Roseville, off of Pleasant Grove Blvd.. The neighbors of Twinwood Loop have come together to create a powerful light display that has been running strong for 9 consecutive years. This community also collects canned foods to provide donations for the Placer Food Bank. This is a great way to have a memorable experience, and give to those in need this holiday season. Plus they have some really cool arches of strung lights that encase the sidewalk! Sweet stuff and one of the top shows for Christmas lights in Placer County.

Pebble Creek Lights- Pebble Creek Dr. and Strand Rd., Rocklindownload

Perhaps one of the largest and longest running light shows is located in Pebble Creek in Rocklin. This display covers 2 square blocks and boasts over 300 Disney and Warner Bros. characters, and has been running consecutively for 16 years. With a parking area nearby, you are encouraged to take a stroll through this neighborhood and witness the joyful expressions on your children’s faces. What a great and memorable way to spend with family on a nice evening stroll!

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Macy’s Sixth annual Theatre of Lights- K Street and Front, Old Sacramento

We cap off our tour in Old Sacramento! If you want to see a truly spectacular Christmas show, then head downtown for the 6th Annual Macy’s Theatre of Lights. Located in the heart of Sacramento, this 20 minute production can be viewed from the balconies of the surrounding buildings. Visitors will be dazzled by the re-enactment of the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, with a special appearance from Jack Frost! And what could be a better way to end the show than with the lighting of a 58 ft. Christmas tree by St. Nicholas himself. You don’t want to miss out on this Christmas light show. This is truly one for the ages! Click here for more information and showtimes.

That does it for now folks. There is not much time left this Holiday season so be sure to get out there and make the most of it! This season can get a bit overwhelming, but I find that it can be a great opportunity to take a step back from the regular hussle and bussle of life and really enjoy time with loved ones. Hope you found my list of Christmas lights in Placer county and Sacramento helpful, and I wish you and yours the very best this Holiday season, as well as a happy and productive New Year! Let’s make 2015 count! If you know of some good light shows that I failed to mention, please feel free to share with us in the comments below. And as always if you or someone you know has real estate goals they would like to accomplish, I am here and eager to help. Also, be sure to connect with me on my Facebook Page! Till next time, be safe and live large!

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