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Going Green with Solar

Is your home green with solar? What is energy and where does it come from. How does your home consume energy? These may seem like some basic questions, but if you have ever looked at your utility bill I am sure you have wondered if there is a way to reduce the amount your paying. You may be someone interested in resale value or you may just be someone who is environmentally conscious and likes to think green, especially on Saint Patrick’s day.  Whichever shoe fits you I would like to share a bit about energy in the home.


The majority of energy for all sources in America comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear!  Only about 9% comes from renewable sources like wind, water(hydro) and solar. An even smaller amount comes from Solar alone. Have you considered  to add solar energy to your home which will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but could also potentially save you some money in the long or short term. Some other pros would be you could charge an electric car for free and you could also potentially increase the value or desirability of your home.

You may notice some newer homes are being built in all/mostly electric and they have solar systems installed on them. The new wave of solar energy use is here and you may find yourself staying ahead of housing development with a solar unit on your roof. If you are interested in selling your home one day sand would like to have it stand out from the rest a solar system can be very appealing when it comes time to sell. Another item to consider is that in future solar systems may become fairly common and if you do not have one your home may become “behind the times.” All this is just food for though while thinking green today.

Have a great Saint Patricks day, I hope you are wearing green and have a new kind of green to think about today.


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