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Happily BETTER After – DIY Chalk Paint Make Overs

“Happily BETTER After”

DIY Chalk Paint Makeovers

chalkpaintlogo_300   I don’t know about you I LOVE adding a fresh new piece of furniture to my homes décor. With my passion for design I always seem to be eyeing a new piece in the latest magazines or store fronts imagining how it would look in the Cancimilla casa. Every time I would start a text to my husband saying, “don’t be mad”, he would instantly call me and ask what I bought. 😉 I am pretty certain you know how those phone calls went. J After a few “loving” conversations about my purchases, I decided that I needed to find a way to refresh my homes interior without breaking the bank. Then one day my mother-in-law introduced me to a whole new world when she brought me to a quaint and adorable store on Main Street in Folsom. When I walked in I found myself surrounded by breathtaking pieces of furniture, of which I had NEVER come across in a Z Gallerie or Restoration Hardware.  These pieces were decades old that were refinished to perfection using what the lady at the store called “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint”. She continued to tell me that it’s a paint that can paint over pretty much any type of surface and you DO NOT have to sand or prep in any way other than wiping the furniture down if it’s dusty or dirty.  I had walked straight into a creative girls dream. I instantly found my answer to refreshing my space on a dime and so can YOU!

 Look around your house; find a piece of furniture that screams, “I am TRASH” then turn that trash into TREASURE by simply applying an ounce of creativity and some elbow grease.

Whether is an old dining room set that is older than your great grandmother or the same dresser that sat in your college dorm YEARS ago. Whatever outdated piece you have it can be made to look BETTER than before. Thrift stores, Flea markets, garage sales and Craigslist are great places for finding your next project! Just look at some of the pieces I and others have redone, DIY style.

 Dining Table & Chairs:  (Before & After)

This table was painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White glazed and lightly touched with MinWax Gel Stain in “Hickory” to achieve that gorgeous color.


Dining Hutch (Before & After)

I found this hutch on Craigslist listed for $150.00. I offered $100 and the seller accepted. (Never hurts to bargain for an even better deal.)


After using Annie Sloan paint in Old White for the exterior and Annie Sloan paint in Graphite on the inside to add a deeper effect added a little bit of dark wax, and new crystal hardware from Hobby Lobby, this was my finished product.


Nightstands (Before & After)


Chairs (Before & After)





 So, here’s what you’ll need:

1.  a piece of furniture to paint

2.  a drop cloth or plastic

3.  chalk paint (Annie Sloan or make your own, how to listed below.)

4.  a good paint brush (If you don’t want to buy the Annie Sloan brushes I highly recommend Purdy brushes which are at Home Depot and Lowes)

5. A wax brush (Annie sloan makes one or you can find a similar one at your local hardware store. Pictured below)


5.  water

6.  clean WHITE rags (The color of the rag may come off onto your piece when wiping down the wax so ALWAYS use white cotton rags.)

7.  sandpaper or sanding block

8.  painters tape

10.wax (You can pick up other brands of wax other than Annie Sloan at your local hardware store.)

Step One: PAINT

Apply paint directly onto your piece of furniture.( Note: there is no sanding, priming, or preparation needed.)  Don’t be afraid to move the brush in different directions as you paint, rather than just up and down.  This will create a little movement and texture in your piece.


Wait approx. 1 hr for the first coat to dry, then apply second coat (I recommend lightly wetting your brush first before applying second coat. This allows the paint to think out a little spread evenly.)

Step Three: CLEAR WAX

Once the second coat has COMPLETLEY dried, Apply thin coat of clear wax all over piece with brush or rag, then wipe excess

Step Four: SAND AND DISTRESS (optional)

After you have applied clear wax, lightly sand and distress if desired.  (Reapply clear wax to any areas that you have sanded prior to applying dark wax.)

Step Five: DARK WAX (optional)

Next, Apply Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax to areas you want to accent and bring out the detail. Keep a clean cloth to wipe off excess.  Always make sure there is a layer of clear wax first before applying the dark wax Work in very small sections at a time.  Note: If you do not apply the clear wax first, the dark wax with actually stain your paint. 


 (If you don’t want to pay the price tag for the Annie Sloan Chalk paint, you can always do what I have done a HUNDRED times, and make your own Chalk Paint! I got the recipe I use courtesy of:

In My Own


Price Point (varies)

Paint $36.95 per quart and $11.95 for 4oz samples

Wax $24.95

Where to Order

Website and click on American Shops for local retailers in the U.S.

Best Annie Sloan Advice and Instruction

Check out Annie’s own youtube channel at www.youtubecom/user/AnnieSloanOfficial

Also check out
Her tutorials and posts are really awesome and thorough!

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