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    How long do things last?

    Ever wonder how long your household appliances last? Whether it’s the roof or maybe the siding of a home you loved, well guess what, I have a list of items that are super helpful when shopping around! If you are thinking of selling, purchasing, or investing in a home check out just how long your household items really can take the heat till you literally have to get it out of the kitchen.. HA!

    If you’re selling and thinking about changing out the carpet or perhaps the dishwasher, I would think twice about dumping money into your house. After all, walking away with the most money and not leaving any money on the table will protect your NET proceeds which is usually the main objective when selling 😉

    When deciding to purchase a home, buyers are always wondering… hmmm I wonder how long that roof is going to last until I have to cough up 15k, or if the trash compactor is on it’s last leg and how much will that cost me? There are so many expenses a buyer thinks about when looking at homes and it could be freighting at first. I assure you that not all homes are perfect, even brand new builds aren’t without flaws. That’s why I decided to gather some information on how long things truly do last in a home and put you mind at ease.

    I have gathered some information from Placer County Association of Realtors on some basic items we commonly worry about when selling or purchasing a home. I hope you find this informative and if you’d like more information about an item that’s not listed, just reach out to me I would be more then happy to help!

    The general expectancy of properly installed products that are well maintained:

    Dishwasher – 10-12 years (Keep drains clear of debris by pre-rinsing dishes)

    Range – 19 years gas, 17 years electric, (Keep area directly below range lined with foil)

    Garbage Disposal – 6-15 years (Avoid contact with hard objects; use cold water)

    Bathtub – 50 years cast iron, 10-15 years fiberglass

    Water Heater – 14 years electric, 11-13 years gas (Drain 3-4 gallons from tank each year)

    Wood Deck – 15 years (Paint or preservative each two years)

    Roof – 15-30 years asphalt, 20-40 years wood shingles and shakes (Shakes preserved every 5-7 years), 50-100 years slate and tile, 5-15 years rolled, 10-20 years tar and gravel

    Siding – 50 years vinyl, 20-50 aluminum, 10-100 years wood (depending on moisture)

    Sink – 8-10 years enamel steel; 25-30 years enamel cast iron or porcelain

    Counter Top – 10-15 years laminate, lifetime ceramic tile

    Exterior door with protected overhang – 80-100 years

    Garage door opener – 10 years

    Cooper wiring – 100 years

    Sealer, silicone and waxes – 1-5 years

    Paint – 5-10 years wall and trim, 7 years exterior

    Ducts – 30 years galvanized, 15 years plastic

    Swimming Pool – 18 years

    Trash Compactor – 8-15 years

    Wallpaper – 7 years

    Carpet – 11 years

    Brick, Stone Wall – 100 years

    Gravel Walk – 4 years

    Concrete Walk – 24 years

    Drywall –30-70 years

    Microwave – 11 years

    If the appliances and materials in your home exceed this time, it may be necessary to replace those worn out products.  Your Real Estate Agent can explain the best way to proceed.

    I hope you enjoyed this read!



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