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3 Tips to Create a Work Life Balance

                                                                           330df2a (1)If you are like me you may find it hard to master the mysterious thing they call work life balance. When do you have time for work, kids, exercise, sports, friends, family, time off, and how do you juggle it all? Well, I had the same question, so I asked myself what that would look like. In seeking the answer I came up with some ideas that will help you if you are like me and struggle with designing a work life balance.
The key to a balanced lifestyle is one that is organized and somewhat planned and is often what many successful people do daily. In fact many successful people manage to keep their life balanced by doing a few simple things. To start, ensuring you have a healthy balanced breakfast to start your day can make all the difference in your productivity as a well as your overall mood and energy throughout the day. Check out some of our health blogs as well for a bit more on this topic to include our blog: Good nutrition for a fast paced life. 
1. Put activities, and tasks in your Calendar
If it is not in the calendar it does not exist. Whether it be work items which will keep you organized and less stressed, or personal items to keep your life balanced. It is important to put your fun or personal activities in your calendar which dedicates that time for that activity. Please take at least one day a week for your self. This can sometimes be difficult for those whom are self employed as we tend to work too much. The benefits will be a day to reset and refresh your self. This will bring the much need balance in your life and allow you to take one step closer to perfecting a work life balance. 
2. Exercise is important
Exercise plays a key role in keeping your life balanced and successful. The energy you will get from exercising in the morning will get your blood pumping and energy levels boosted to jump start your day and wake you up. Still need that cup of coffee? You may not after your ab workout or squats.  Working out in the morning will eliminate the urge to flake in the afternoon as you are ” too exhausted ” to hit the gym and will make you ready to take on whatever challenges the day may bring. 
3. Plan your day each morning
What are your goals for the day? You can do this in the morning as well as taking a few minutes the night before to ensure you are prepared for what is to come tomorrow, keeping you on track. Your life will become more organized and in turn more balanced by mapping out your day in the morning. Create your plan, what, when, where and how will your day look. Prioritize the tasks you do. Items of most importance put those right up front and take care of them first. Also if there is something you are avoiding , instead of procrastinating and avoiding the item and dreading doing it , get this knocked out right away. You will then have easier tasks left for your day and this will improve your overall mood as you will not be worrying about it and in turn also reducing your stress and improving your efficiency as you will focus on what is important, making your work life balance that much easier to achieve.
I challenge you to try out some of the ideas I have mentioned above and see what a difference it can make everyday. By mastering these techniques and remaining disciplined, you are that much closer to your ideal work life balance.  Have a great week!

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