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More Energy! How to Recharge Your Life Battery

imageEver wonder what we could accomplish if we were able to summon an unlimited supply of energy? Just plug in whenever necessary and literally charge through any obstacle or situation? If you are like me you have a relentless thirst for self-improvement, but at times find it difficult to dictate which habits stay, and which habits go. With a constant bombardment of information from our daily lives, it is not hard to get a little sidetracked from our goals and responsibilities. When this happens (and it always does) we have to look back to square ONE.

We all have what I like to call “Foundational Habits” for mental wellness. These are the things we do on a daily basis that affect our thought process and behavior. These would include our morning rituals, eating and exercise routines, who we are spending time with, and what kind of information we are absorbing from the many sources of media that are available. In order to shape and create the life we want, we need to step back and consider if our daily activities reflect what we want to see in our future. Although this is a simple concept, it is often times difficult to implement. With so much going on around us, how do we seize control of all the noise and channel our focus in a clear direction? I have often asked this question, and have found some life-changing answers! The most important factor: ENERGY.

There are many obvious and proven ways to enhance our mental wellness and different aspects of our lives. The difficulty actually lies in our EXECUTION. Some things really are easier said than done, and we are often times let down by our own lack of persistence. We charge hard and fast on our goals only to get burned out and watch them slip through our fingers. We tell ourselves “oh, well I can do that another time” or “I’m not sure I wanted to do that anyway” when really all we needed was just an extra push to get over the speed bump. Well I have discovered a few habits and techniques that support a constant “flow” of energy to our bodies and minds. I have seen miraculous results after introducing these habits into my life, and am astonished as to how much energy I am able to bring to the table. Let’s “Flip the switch”!



I know we don’t want to believe it, but our morning habits are by far the most important. What we do in the morning all but pre-determines what takes place during the rest of our day. Think of it as “Your Starting Line”. You cannot win the race if you get a delayed start. Wake up bright and early and engage your body and mind! Try starting the day with a large glass of water and a little bit of exercise (you’d be amazed at what 5 minutes of jumping jacks will do!) Getting blood to the brain right off the get-go will do wonders. Just doing this is going to pump you up! Imagine if we threw in some reading time, meditation, or said some empowering affirmations. Top it off with a complete and heathy breakfast and BAM! You are now unstoppable! One of my favorite books can be found at


Yes! The old saying “you are what you eat” is true! Think about this. Certain vehicles can only operate on certain types of fuel. Ever put gasoline into a diesel engine? (Hopefully not) Our bodies are the same way. If we recognize that our body is the vessel through which we experience life, it only makes sense that we would want to run it on the best fuel possible. Eating protein rich meats, a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and less breads and processed foods will yield immediate results. Steer clear of fast food, packaged sweets, sodas, and artificial supplements. These are damaging to the body and can lead to health complications after prolonged intake. Tweaking your diet will add a HUGE boost of energy to your daily life! Fuel up with these essentials and you’re well on your way.



Do you know what the most common cause of mid-day fatigue is? You guessed it. Dehydration. After 6-8 hours of sleep we naturally wake up dehydrated. Nip it in the butt and head for the kitchen as soon as you wake up. 14-16 oz. of cool (not cold) water in the morning promotes healthy organ function, and really gets you going. Get rid of the “coffee first” mentality! (Caffeine will further dehydrate you) It is good practice to drink at least a gallon a day, and in doing so we can avoid fatigue and help cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins.


In order to acquire more energy, we have to exert more energy! Just hear me out. Energy is not stored in our bodies. We cannot just access and use it whenever we want. Think of it as channel, a wave length that is constantly flowing through us. To properly use it we have to be on the right frequency. One way to jump on board is to exercise daily. Physically exerting oneself is probably the most effective method for channeling energy (meditation will also yield similar results) Exercise strengthens the body, clears the mind, and releases endorphins. Ever heard of the term “Runner’s high” Go for a long distance run and notice how you feel.



It is no secret that a positive mind is a powerful mind. Belief in ourselves gives us the strength to persevere through any situation. Sometimes it is difficult to filter what information we are receiving, but there are a few ways to improve our thought patterns. Try saying daily affirmations. Phrases like “I am a confident and caring person” or “I have what it takes to conquer the day” can be very powerful when said aloud. We also should pay close attention to our posture and project confidence in all that we do. (Even if you have doubt, FAKE IT) We are simply a bi-product of yesterday’s thoughts and actions. Think HAPPY THOUGHTS! (Yes that is a “Hook” reference)


I sincerely hope you find this information useful on how to improve your mental wellness. I encourage you to adopt and integrate these habits into your life. Always search for new and exciting ways to grow as an individual!

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