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Neighborhood Restaurant Communities


Location is one of the most important factors that influence buyers when deciding to buy a new home. Within towns there are many micro-neighborhoods with different schools, crime rates, parks and levels of community that make a house into a home. These are all well known features but many people don’t realize that local restaurants have a huge impact on building a well rounded community.

I am sure that anyone can feel the difference between going to a restaurant like BJs, Chevy’s or Denny’s and a local place. Now, I am not saying that I don’t crave a pizookie some nights, but there is a difference in the feeling you have during your dining experience. Sacramento has been dubbed America’s Farm to Fork Capitol, and for good reason. We are surrounded by an abundance of local farmland and have a culinary scene that is growing in notoriety by the week. We have some of the freshest ingredients in the US and well known culinary institutions that turn out eager graduates with new ideas each semester. As many local restaurants in other cities close, the values of Sacramento help our neighborhood joints not only survive but thrive. There is sense of pride and community that one feels when dining in a locally owned, non-chain restaurant. It helps build purpose, neighborhood companionship and increases the home desirability.

Many neighborhoods in Sacramento embody this restaurant renaissance but there are three in particular that have exceeded expectations. Be it accessibility, value of the restaurants, or just the overall feeling of warmth when you walk in, these three neighborhoods are the shinning stars. They encompass everything you look for in a community and one can enjoy everything that Sacramento has to offer.

East Sacramento: This by far the best example of everything a neighborhood restaurant community should have. The older style buildings with oak lined streets seem to be something out of a movie. With such neighborhood restaurants as Formolio, Orphan, 33rd Street Bistro, and Sellands Market, East Sacramento is one of a kind. These are just a few of many stand out restaurants that are scattered throughout this residential neighborhood. This is a wonderful restaurant community that has flourished starting local events like Pops in the Park and Food Truck Mania which brings the community together.


2.  Fair Oaks: Fair Oaks is a large area but the smaller older area has a booming neighborhood restaurant community. With restaurants such as Sunflower Natural Food Restaurant, the Village Bistro, and Camelita’s, which all surround the stunning Fair Oaks Village Park. Old Fair Oaks on a warm summer night is so inviting and comforting it makes you want to sit on a front porch sipping sweet tea. If the food wasn’t enough, the park concerts, farmers markets and Comedy Under the Stars continue to enrich the neighborhood. If you are looking for a well rounded neighborhood restaurant community this is the one that will catch your eye.


3. Midtown: The first two neighborhood restaurant communities are perfect for families, then there is Midtown. This area is perfect for the young professional with no family and time on there hands. Mulvaney’s, Waterboy, and Kuppros are just a couple that come to mind. With the multitude of restaurants and bars, you could’t ask for a more extensive selection in your neighborhood restaurant community. The area is constantly alive with people walking or biking in the Sacramento sun or evening warmth. With dynamic community events such as Second Saturday and groups like Metro Edge or Kickball, midtown has tons to offer the young professional and anyone who is a foodie at heart.


These are just three restaurant neighborhoods that come to mind but there are many others in this vibrant Sacramento food scene. When choosing a home, tour the neighborhood first, maybe eat lunch in a local restaurant and take a stroll around the nearby park. See if this wraps you in a sense of strong community. If so, maybe this is the perfect place for the next adventures of your life.

Do you have any restaurants that you feel should of made the list? Please leave a comment below and enlighten us 🙂

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