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Sacramento’s Beer Revolution

Sacramento’s beer revolution

Beer, the nectar of the gods. It is difficult to pinpoint the original brew-master but beer has proved to be one of the oldest beverages produced by mankind. Although we have enjoyed the drink for centuries, it is every changing and improving. Since 2010, the number of Craft Breweries has tripled in Sacramento.

So why the boom in craft beers and why in Sacramento? Great question! The first answer is taste. In Mesopotamia around 3,500 B.C., beer was more akin to sour oatmeal. Our palates have since evolved and demand greater taste and diversity. Craft beers offer flavors that range from peach to coffee and enough variety to satisfy any palate. And question number two, why Sacramento? Why not, is what I say! In the late 1800s, both Rustaller and Buffalo Brewing Company laid the foundation for local brewers in the Sacramento Valley. Many have followed their footsteps but the resent boom can also be attributed to America’s and specifically Sacramento’s emphasis on ‘buying local’. It also doesn’t hurt to have the perfect warm weather for both growing hops and enjoying a ‘cold one’ year round. Click here for more information on the history of beer.

So with warm spring evenings just around the corner, here are three breweries at the forefront of this revolution to entice your taste buds.

1. Track 7

In 2011, the Graham and Scott Families, founded this brewery, creating a focus on Artisanal beers and community partnership. Their passion for the craft has set them apart from others and helped them create popular brews like the Panic IPA and Left Eye Right Eye IPA. While these Track 7 hits can be found at many local bars, there are two tasting where you can check out all their fresh concoctions. Curtis Park at 3747 West Pacific Ave. Suite F. This is the original, its always busy and has a food truck daily to compliment their great beers. Dogs welcome! Natomas at 826 Professor Lane. #100. This new tasting room was recently opened to expand their reach and operates Thurs-Sat.

2. Oak Park Brewery:

Dave and Tom started as any good beer drinkers, brewing in a garage due to their love of beer. After winning multiple awards for their brews (like Citra IPA and the 35th street Robust Porter), they decided to take the plunge and start making beer for the masses. Oak Park Brewery is not only at the center of the beer revolution, but also the revitalization of Oak Park. Located at 3514 Broadway, its addition along with other new shops and restaurants has joined in the transformation of this region. So for your next warm evening out, drop by to discover their huge patio and full menu to compliment an award winning selection of brews.

3. Bike Dog Brewing Co:

Four friends with a love of beer, dogs, and bikes founded this company with the core values of fresh and small. They are unique due to their focus on small batch production. They have only three barrels in their brewery and do not sell outside of their taproom. The Founders believe this is important because it allows them to always keep the beers fresh and flexible with new recipes on a regular basis. Visit their brew house in West Sac at 2534 Industrial Ave. #110 to try some of their big hits like the Milk Stout and the Belgo Pale Ale. Of course dogs are welcome and you can say they blow the ‘woof’ of the competition.

Sacramento’s craft beer is a new taste of the region and its future looks bright. These local breweries have built on the rich history of beer, creating innovative brews that make us rethink that way we look at a pint. These are some of my favorites but if you have any suggestions email me at And remember, if you have friends looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate I would be more then happy to help in any in any possible way. Referrals are always compensated. I hope you all have a great March and enjoy a couple of Sacramento’s fresh brews.

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