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Selling a home! Think you are ready? Read this!

Selling a home! Think your ready? Read this!


If  you are even thinking about buying or selling a home here are some items to consider. When you are selling a home it is important to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. When you walk through your home how does it feel overall? Perfect right?! We all like to think we have a perfect home and to us it may be, to someone else it may not be viewed the same.  Now walk through another home that is on the market for sale, how does that feel? See when a buyer walks through your home they are thinking the same thing you are about the neighbors house you are walking through that is for sale. Ask yourself, what did you like, what would you change? How was the overall feeling, was it good or bad? Why was it good or bad? Was it too cluttered and you felt the home was messy. After maybe taking a look at a couple homes , now go back to yours. Pretend you didn’t live there, and think about the items you did or did not like in the other homes on the market. How would you compare your home now? Do you see any differences? What would you change?The goal when selling a home is to focus on a win, win for everyone and at the same time netting the most amount of money possible to you, the seller. Here are some items for you to think about when selling to maximize your profits and produce a home on the market that sells and sells quickly.

Price it right!  Discuss the price with your agent. Have them show you the comparable sold homes in your area. Selling a home can be very easy if you have hired the right agent. Trust your agent, especially those at The Rachel Adams Lee Group, with over 100 homes sold this year alone, you have experienced professional help to support you as well as an entire team to support you.

Staging before selling a home is one of the most important parts. You cannot change the location of your home so lets make it model like! Staging can consist of furniture and decorations. You do not want them to be personal or too specific. Keep the decor theme general to appeal to more people , and still keep it clean and classy.  Furniture is important in the home. A furnished home will sell faster than a vacant home if it is done right. The furniture also helps the buyer envision what the home will look like if they brought their furniture in. How will it fit? Will it fit?

There are many aspects of www. Be sure the home is clean and clutter free. Some of us love the collectibles and photo frames everywhere, and to a buyer who does not know you they simply see items covering every part of the house. Many buyers have a hard time looking past personal items and looking at the home itself. Keep it clean and simple. If you have very dark wall paint consider lightening it up and bring in as much natural light as possible. The light walls will help brighten rooms, making them feel larger and more open and welcoming.

Consider interior and exterior paint. Does it look old, are there dings everywhere? Is it time to repaint? Think if you were buying a home. Regardless of price, the walls were dirty , then you walk into another home for the same price and the walls are bright, clean and freshly painted. Which would you chose? Paint the house, do it and you will see a difference in the value you are bringing to the buyer.

 house needs paint

Consider new flooring or at least be sure your current flooring is in good repair. Carpets should be clean without staining or dirt or wear patterns. If so consider changing it out. Hardwood in the living areas gives off a warm home feeling. Carpeting is nice in the bedrooms for your toes! Tile is a good choice as well, although hardwood may get more positive feedback.

Think about the kitchen and bathrooms when you are selling a home!

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The are the main locations for upgrades and if done tastefully surveys show it will add almost double the value on the amount you put into the upgrades. Here at The Rachel Adams Lee Group we are always glad to assist you if you’re thinking about selling a home. Contact us today and we would be glad to see where your home stands in this market and what changes, if any could produce maximum profit in your pocket!


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