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Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Around The House

Spring is in the air!

Fresh blooming tulips, grass as green as emeralds, the sound of chirping birds, and the warm sun combined with the crisp cool air. These are all gentle reminders that spring is finally here.

spring cleaning

As I sit outside on my back patio watching my 3 year old daughter play in her sand box while enjoying all spring has to offer, my daughter reminded me that Easter is nearing. I asked her what she loves most about Easter and her response was, “cute little bunnies, Mama.”  Delighted by her sweet little response, I sat back in my chair and asked myself the same question but only my response to myself was not exactly the same as hers instead I found myself overcome with fear and dread! Of what you ask? Well, definitely NOT fluffy bunnies…try more like DUST BUNNIES! Yes, it’s that time again. SPRING CLEANING is here! If it’s not bad enough that we had to SPRING Forward and loose an hour of sleep now we have the ever so daunting task of ridding our homes of those pesky dust bunnies. On an optimistic point of view, the more elbow grease we use, the more calories we burn. 😉

For me, I am married to a clean freak. For those Full House fans, I married the Danny Tanner of all husbands. It wouldn’t shock me to find my husband vacuuming the vacuum. Some women may find this to be annoying but oh no not me. I find this to be absolutely amazing. I like things tidy & organized myself. Cleaning is a joint effort in the Cancimilla household. We say, “A clean house is a happy house.” I am sure we all have our own cleaning rituals and check lists. Everyone knows the basics of cleaning such as mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the toilets and showers. This type of cleaning happens regularly in most households but Spring cleaning to me is cleaning on a whole new level. So, I thought I would share what spring cleaning looks like to my family. Here are the Top 10 things NOT to overlook while Spring Cleaning.

1. Change Air Filters – We spend a great deal of time in our homes so having clean air filters leads to a cleaner home and less allergens in the air! Another important fact to point out is when your air filters are dirty it causes the central heating and air to work harder to cool or warm your house resulting in a higher energy bill. My rule of thumb is to change the air filters every 3 months. This will ensure a cleaner home and a lower energy bill!


2. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors– With my husband being a Fire Fighter, this is one of the things that he is very particular about.  Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors is so very important. These small little devices that we most often forget about can be the very thing that saves our home and even our lives from a fire or gas leak. Set a reminder whether in your phone or on a calendar to remind you to do this. You won’t regret taking this cautionary step to protecting your home.

3. Dust Base Boards– they may look great but they’re dust MAGNETS. A trick I have always used to clean my baseboards is to use a dryer sheet! After running the attachment to my vacuum over the baseboards, take a dryer sheet and run it across the boards. The dryer sheet attracts dust and is one of the best things I have ever used for this cleaning task. It beats using a small toothbrush 😉


4. The Washer – If your family is anything like mine, your washer gets a whole lot of wear and tear. Between my husbands firefighting gear and my daughters need to change her outfit three times a day our washer never gets a break. So, to prevent any buildup of mildew and to keep your washer running properly, just run an empty load but replace the normal detergent with a cup of white vinegar. Then give the washer a good wipe down. (Don’t forget that if you have an energy efficient washer, you must rinse out the filter.)

5. Dryer vent– dryer vents are prone to lint build up which keeps the dryer from working as effectively and is a huge fire hazard. Follow these steps to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your dryer:

  • Unplug the Dryer
  • Detach the vent by unscrewing the clamp that holds it to the dryer
  • Insert clean toilet brush to remove excess lint
  • Vacuum the inside of the vent and reattach
  • Follow up by cleaning behind and around the dryer

dryervent6. Refrigerator Coils– Refrigerator and freezer coils attract a large amount of dust and dirt. Getting in the habit of cleaning the coils is a good idea. Be sure to vacuum the coils once a month and about every 3 months take a wet cloth and wipe the coils down. This will keep your appliances operating at their peak performance while assisting in saving energy

coils7. Windows and Sliding Door Tracks– This is one of the most overlooked areas in a home that need to be cleaned regularly. These tiny cracks and crevices hold a lot of dust, dead bugs, and dirt. The best way to clean these areas are to begin with vacuuming the tracks first, lightly spritz the area with warm water then take a scrub brush or tooth brush and remove any excess debris. You will notice that your doors and windows slide open with more ease once they’re cleaned.

tracks8. The Mattress– Our mattresses inevitably attract dust mites and dead skin. Gross, I know, but so true. So, please don’t forget about your homes mattresses this Spring.  To clean them, start by removing all bedding and giving your mattress a thorough vacuuming using the attachments.  Then if you don’t already own one, rent a steam cleaner from your local hardware store or Wal-Mart and steam clean the mattress. Allow the mattress to completely dry. I always sprinkle a little baking powder over the mattress then vacuum once more before replacing the bedding. Doing this along with changing your sheets WEEKLY, will ensure a fresh mattress that can be slept on without any unwanted visitors. 😉

vacuum9. Clean behind Appliances – Pull all of your large appliances such as the stove, washer, dryer, and refrigerator away from the walls and vacuum all of the loose crumbs and dirt that have accumulated over time. You will be shocked how dirty it gets behind the appliances especially your stove.

10. Door Knobs and Handles- I find myself doing this anytime someone in our home gets a cold or flu and I always end up doing it during spring cleaning. There are so many different sets of hands touching them all year long. They accumulate dirt and sticky build up. To clean and sanitize, I simply spray down the knobs with an anti-bacterial spray and let them sit for a couple of minutes then take a sponge and wipe clean.


 Those were my Top 10 spring cleaning tasks, now I would love to hear what YOUR best tips for Spring Cleaning are! Please feel free to comment and share below.


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