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Summer Fun: Tailgating 101

Tailgating 101

When we think of sports, concerts, or any event which people gather in masses and drink we think of tailgating. So where and when did Tailgating begin, and why do we love it so much? Tailgating can be traced back as far as the civil war where before the battle of Bull Run People came out to support their troops with baskets of food and yelling, “Go Big Blue!” in support of the Union side. As for more modern day tailgating where sports and entertainment are thrown into the equation, it began back in 1869 at football game between Rutgers and Princeton where fans of the Rutgers team dressed in their scarlet scarfs and partied before the start of the game. Check out more info on the American Tailgater Association here.

So why do we love Tailgating so much? Maybe it’s the camaraderie of cheering on your team while enjoying a cold beer and a tasty meal, or maybe it’s the chance to compete in a game of cornhole or whiffle ball that gets everybody excited for the game. whatever it may be it is fun time even if you aren’t a fan of whatever event you are going to see.

So how do you Tailgate like a a pro and get the most out of it? For me I think a Tailgate needs 3 important things to make it a success. First being a great event where everyone is excited to go to and a great venue to tailgate at. Second you need the right food for the right occasion, be it Sandwiches or Steaks they can all be a Tailgaters best friend. Third off you need great games to accompany the great food and venue. There is a fourth element, but it goes without saying and that is great people to enjoy the day with. Since that is something that goes without saying we won’t talk about that to much, but the other three are a must in a great tailgaters tool belt. So let’s focus on those and see where the best places are to go, the best food to eat, and the best games to play.

Venue: This is very important to throwing a great tailgate party. If you don’t have the right venue or they don’t allow certain things then you don’t have the perfect party. It’s like trying to dance in an alley when you should be in a nice dance club with the right atmosphere. You need a tailgating area with lots of room to throw the ball around if you need and that allows mostly everything like grills and pop up tents. The three best places that I have found in Northern California to tailgate are as follows. 1. Coliseum or whatever it may be called this week, and Oracle arena which share the same parking lot. this is the best parking lot because of the large area in which you have to do whatever you like. If they allow Raider fans to party there then you know everything is allowed. 2. Levi Stadium or before Levi Candlestick. There is something about this place and football that just makes you want to keep tailgating and watch the game or concert from an RV. 3. College venue’s have to be in the mix so Memorial Stadium on the Campus of Cal Berkeley, and Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto. We might not have the tailgating history that the college teams have in the south, but we still can do it right at both of our major universities in Northern California.

2. Food: This is where you make or break your tailgate party. Food is a staple in the tailgate party, and making sure everyone is feed properly is something that will make your tailgate party stand out. Sometimes the party will call for the simple sandwich’s and chips and then their might be the occasion where you might have to break out the big guns like Ribs and Steaks, but there is a time and place of every meal. The most important thing to serving the right food is you have to feel out who is attending the tailgate and how long you will be there. Such as if you go to a game and you are tailgating for 5+ hours then Ribs and Steaks are perfect because you have the time. Then on the flip side there are times you just want simple and no cooking is needed, and that is when sandwiches come into play. It doesn’t mean your party is any less of a tailgate party it just means you read the defense and reacted. The staple of any Tailgate party and something you can’t go wrong with is hamburgers and hot dogs, and that will for sure have everybody happy as clams, excuse the food reference.

3. Games: So far we have covered the venue and the food, which is very important but how do we keep peoples attention when they arrive. Yeah conversation is nice but you can do that anywhere and listening to music is great and is always needed at a tailgate, but games for your friends to play are more then needed to keep their attention. There is something about competing with your friends before a competition that just gets you more excited for a game or concert. So what are the Games that are a needed at a tailgate to make it success? Of course you need a football and maybe a glove and ball to throw around. Then their is the more modern lawn games which you see all over the place in the parking lots today at a tailgate. I am talking about games such as Washer Toss, Ladder Golf, and Cornhole which is my personal favorite. All these games will keep the party going and maybe even bring over a few party goers who want to join because it looks like so much fun. You can easily get these games anywhere or even make them yourself like I did with my Ladder Golf, but if you want the best around in Cornhole boards I suggest Joe Schwartz at “OV Cornhole & Games”. He makes the best boards around and can design any kind of board you would like.


In the end these three things matter in a great tailgate, but what truly makes a great tailgate is great friends and a great attitude for what you are there to tailgate for. You can tailgate for anything, anytime, and anywhere just make sure to always be responsible and make sure everyone has a great time and gets home safe.

If you would like some more info on tailgating feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions, and all I ask is that you invite me along to join in on the great tailgate fun. And as always feel free to reach out to me with questions in Real Estate, or if you know of anybody who is looking to Buy, Sell, or invest in Real Estate, you can reach me anytime through email at Have a great summer everyone!

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