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Traveling on a Budget in 2019

Cheap and easy travel ideas for 2019

The new year is here and what comes with it is the exciting idea of a new year and a new beginning. So with new beginnings we start thinking of what the new year has in store for us, from goal setting to new year resolutions people have big ideas for the next year. So why don’t we talk about the fun stuff like travel and vacations. We always have our bucket list ideas that we want to cover for vacation, but how do we do more affordable trips that don’t break the bank? Stuff that will leave you smiling all the way to the beach, and make you not want to come back from your vacation. The good thing is that we live in one of the best states around for travel and vacation so most of this is in our backyard. People comes from countries abroad and miles far to see California and its splendor. So why not enjoy it since its so close and cheap to get to? In my years of living in California and traveling throughout the beautiful state, I have seen the ups and downs of the state literally, and will walk you though some great areas to travel to that wont leave you lacking in the wallet and the excitement.

Go Coastal:

The great thing about California is we have miles of beautiful beaches and rugged shores that are great for swimming and sight seeing. One of my favorite places to go is Mendocino located in Mendocino county. From the views to the hikes on the Mendocino headlands on the coast, there is always something to see and do. The tiny town is the best for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life in the big cities. To keep prices low you can camp, or Glamp if you don’t do the rugged outdoor stuff. There is always the multitude of hotels and little inns that you can stay at. I suggest the Blue Door Group of Mendocino who had multiple different inns and cottages to choose from. The Mendocino Coast has an abundance to offer that will keep you busy all weekend from bike rides to wine tasting to catching the amazing sunset. I strongly suggest getting out to the coast, we loved it so much me and the wife even got married outside of Mendocino.

Get that Mountain High:

So if the coast isn’t your thing or you are looking for something different, I would suggest getting up in the Mountain air and stretching the legs in Truckee. This is a place I visit a lot with all the hiking and snowboarding I do so I know it well. Yes skiing and water sports near Truckee are expensive but you can easily do Truckee on a budget. Truckee is known for its outdoor activities so that is what you do and it doesn’t cost a penny to go for a hike or go for a swim in Donner Lake. As for staying in Truckee I would suggest renting an Air BNB with friends and the price will drop dramatically. Also another option is to camp it up at one of the multiple campsites around the area (not in the Winter obviously). Truckee also has a really cute downtown with plenty of restaurants and shops to buy the latest gear. One restaurant I will suggest that is great and not expensive is Burger Me on Donner Pass Rd. and if your not a burger fan there are plenty of other choices along that main road that will fill your belly and not drain your wallet.

Get Winey:

We all know California has some of the best wines in the U.S. From Napa to Paso Robles. We are known for our different styles and regions of great wine. One of my favorite that doesn’t break the bank like Napa does is Amador Wine Country. Instead of $60 tastings these great wineries like Runquist, Helwig, and Cooper just charge a minimal $5 fee. Also the people are great and treat you like family at every winery, and even the dogs are allowed in a few. Outside of wine in that area are great restaurants like Taste and great delis to grab sandwiches to go like Amador Vintage Market. Amador Wine Country is a place to relax and get back to the basics.

These are just a few of the great ideas and travel tips for a person on a budget. California has so much to offer and the choices are endless, its just all up to you and what you feel like that day. The biggest thing to always remember is to share it with someone special, as travel and good times are meant to be shared. If you need any other travel ideas or have questions about the areas I have shared feel free to contact me at my email

Have a great 2019 everyone and have fun out there.

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