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Valentines Day Ideas on the Cheap!

Valentines day is almost here! I don’t know about you, but I am not one of those people who gets mad at the holiday.  I love celebrating LOVE! I am lucky to have married someone who shows me love daily, and yet I still get excited when Valentines Day comes. I know it’s a focused opportunity for us to take time out of our day, and make our significant other feel special. What do we do? Well, it’s usually pretty much the same thing; dinner, flowers and a card (the card is my favorite part! I like to see how mushy he will get!)


While I love that tradition, it can get a little pricey not to mention predictable. So I had a thought: what if we went outside the norm? What if we tried something different for Vday?  Got a little creative?! What if we found other ways to show we cared that didn’t break the bank?! I can’t wait to share what we chose, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you, some outside the box ideas you might embrace for this LOVE Day to make your special someone shine just a little brighter! Let me know which you choose and send us a pic!







  1. Use those mad word skills: Write a hand written poem expressing yourself & make him/her melt.
  2. Pick up a pizza and cut a hole in the top of the pizza box in the shape of a heart. Pizza plus a rom com? Winning!
  3. Try a lunch date instead of dinner! 1. Cheaper 2. You can go for a sunset walk after and hold hands.
  4. Acts of service: She doesn’t love doing laundry? Take over her chores for a week to show you care.
  5. Write a “What I love about you” Book: Create a small book sharing what you love about your mate! “I love how you ____.” “You look so beautiful/handsome when you _____.”
  6. Take a dance class! Get out of your comfort zone and move those two feet! Guaranteed to create new memories & some laughs!
  7. Make a home-made meal together.  Browse the net, and find a recipe that tickles your fancy.  Pop a bottle of wine, play your favorite romantic tunes (my favorite Pandora station is “Wedding Songs”), and get creative in that kitchen together!
  8. And my favorite (and the most scary!) is to commit to no phone use for 24 hours. Yes we are all addicted and the one thing our love wants most is our TIME. Hide that cell for 24 hours and pour some sugar on your love!



















What do you think? Any of them strike a chord? As your local Real Estate experts, it’s important to us that we don’t just talk houses, we also talk LIFE! And celebrating the moments that can make our connections so meaningful. We hope you enjoyed these “Valentines Day ideas on the Cheap’, and as always if you are looking to buy/sell your home in 2019, we would be honored if you think of us!


Rachel Adams Lee & team


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